This’ll be a more in-depth bio page for me. If it bores you, I understand.

Habitat: Born in DC, raised in St. Louis, college at UC San Diego. After 4 months travelling in Europe playing guitar for lira and francs, I lived with my sis in North Carolina for a year. Back to SoCal for a year, then on to playing bar gigs in Eugene, Oregon for nine months. Back to SoCal for good in ’75.

Work: Started at age 11 carrying golf bags and working in my dad’s dental office. I’ve been a grocery clerk, psychology guinea pig, custodian, mail carrier, teacher and musician.  I ran rats in mazes and cut down trees for pastureland and chainsawed the logs into firewood.  Now I’m playing music and trying to publish books I’ve written: a picture book; some chapter books; and a soon to be ePublished young adult book Bad Moon Rising. (look for upcoming website I’m also working on an adult novel set in a wild animal preserve/park.

I officially achieved old fart status August of last year when I turned 60. I like sports but golf is about all I’m any good at anymore as I can’t even run as fast as my 7 year old grandson.