Hey Folks!

This is the first entry on my new blog which I’ve started to share info about my various projects and thoughts about movies, books and zoo-related issues. Sounds like an odd trio of issues, but there you go.

Went to see “Tower Heist” the other night with my wife, Donna, and definitely liked it. The movie was thought up by Eddie Murphy as featuring an all-black cast, but as it went through its various rewrites it was obvious that any large hotel/condo was going to employ a ethnic variety folks and an all-black cast would be so unrealistic as to be laughable.

Was glad to see Ben Stiller in a role not as over the top as his usual “Fokker” stuff. I always liked “The Ben Stiller Show” on TV and I was disappointed once he went into the movies and was constantly doing those overacting-on-purpose performances. He’s pretty much the star of this movie, with Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck and Michael Pena his cohorts, and an ensemble cast including Alan Alda, Gabourey Sidibe, Tea Leoni and Judd Hirsch.

No side-splitting laughs but lots of chuckles and a very well thought out plot.

On an unrelated note, did you see where Ringling Brothers had to pay a $275k fine for animal abuse? Since one of my projects is a novel set in a wild animal park I’ve been doing a lot of research on animals in captivity and it’s truly appalling what used to go on. Things have gotten better in general but with African countries having little room for wilderness the problems are ongoing. (The West African black rhino is now extinct). Glad to see that there are watchdogs to prevent animal abuse. The video of Dunda, the elephant, being beaten into submission with ax handles was an eye-opener to millions of animal lovers. Young elephants are still being bullied and beaten in Asian countries in order to be prepared for a life of servitude at the hands of their human masters. It’s pretty sickening.